Anandi’s Rainbow – English – Chapter 18

Anandi's Rainbow - English - Chapter 18

Anandi’s Rainbow – English – Chapter 18

It was raining outside. Anandi was fast asleep dreaming of rainbows.

She woke up to look out of her window. There was a huge, bright

rainbow across a clear blue sky. Anandi ran out to the garden with Milli, her

favorite cat.  Anandi loved to draw and paint. Today, she wanted to paint the flowers of her garden with the colors of the rainbow.

She colored one flower with the violet, and another with the indigo of the rainbow.  One with the blue and leaves with the green…

One with the orange… One with the red… But she left the yellow so

that the Sun may look bright and gay… And lo! There were beautiful flowers all over the garden. The Sun was up there shining in its yellow glory.

After giving colors to the flowers and the Sun, the rainbow

Let’s know the Summary of this story

This story is about a girl named Anandi. One day Anandi was sleeping and dreaming of Rainbow. When she woke up, she saw a rainbow in the sky. She ran out and thought to paint the flower of her garden with the rainbow colours. She actually painted all the colours except yellow. She left the yellow colour for the sun. The rainbow had gone when Anandi finished the painting. The garden now looks extremely beautiful with colourful flowers.

Let’s know New word and their meanings from this story

Raining – falling of rain

 Outside – out of house

Fast asleep – deep sleep

Dreaming -having vision in sleep

Window -an opening in the wall for fresh air

Rainbow – a colourful bow of seven colours which appears in sky after rain, Huge -very big

Bright – giving out light

Clear – clean

Now let’s  know Basic Words

Bright: Filled with light

Example sentences:

1) She was wearing a bright dress in the party.

2) The sun was bright and hot.

Favourite: Liked over the others

Example sentences:

 1) Black is my favourite colour.

2) She ate all her favourite fruits.

Indigo: Dark blue colour

Example sentences:

1) She used indigo and yellow to paint the picture.

2) He gifted me a bunch of indigo flowers.

Inside: On the inner side

Example sentences:

1) My mother and I waited for you inside the room.

2) Why did you keep the book inside the bag?

Outside: On the outer side of

Example sentences:

1) I was sitting outside my house.

 2) Kiran was standing outside the door.

Rainbow: A curved arc of seven colours in the sky

Example sentences:

1) We saw the rainbow from our balcony.

2) Rainbow is made up of seven colours.

Violet: A shade of purple

Example sentences:

1) Brinjal is violet in colour.

2) We have violet curtains in our room.

Question 1: What did Anandi see outside her window?

Answer : Outside her window, Anandi saw a huge and bright rainbow across the clear blue sky.

Question 2: Was she happy to see the rainbow?

Answer : Yes, she was happy to see the rainbow.

Question 3: What are the colours of the rainbow?

Answer : The colours of the rainbow are violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange and red.

Question 4: Have you ever seen a rainbow?

Answer : Yes, I have seen a rainbow. It looks very beautiful.

Question 5: When do you see a rainbow in the sky?

Answer : We see a rainbow in the sky right after the rain. The sun is always behind us when we see a rainbow in the sky.

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