Cloud – English – Chapter 17

Cloud - English - Chapter 17

Cloud – English – Chapter 17

It is hot.

The sky is blue.

A little cloud comes looking for you.

More clouds come.

They bring rain.

Sing and dance.

It’s cool again!

Let’s know the Summary of this poem

This poem describes about a hot day. The sky is looking blue. Everybody is waiting for rain. Then there are some clouds seen in the sky and it starts raining. So children become very happy and they sing and dance.

Let’s know basic word and their meanings from this poem

Hot — having a high temperature

 Cloud — a white or grey mass of drops of water that floats in the sky, and brings rain

Little— small

Bring – carry

Sing – produce musical sound

Dance – move your body according to the tune of music

Cool – having low temperature

Now let’s  know New Words and Example sentences

Bring: To come with something to a place

Example sentences:

1) I bring my books daily to the classroom.

2) Bring me an ice-cream from the shop.

Cloud: A white or grey mass of water in the sky

Example sentences:

1) The sun was behind the cloud.

2) Look at that white cloud.

Cool: Neither cold nor warm

Example sentences:

1) I could feel the cool breeze in my hair.

2) We sang the song on a cool summer evening.

Dance: Movement of body in rhythm

Example sentences:

1) There is a dance competition in our class.

 2) I watched a dance show yesterday.

Hot: Having a high temperature

Example sentences:

1) The weather is hot and humid.

 2) The food was served hot.

Rain: Water that falls from the clouds

 Example sentences:

1) My mother asked me not to play in the rain.

2) We had to cancel our trip because of the rain.

Question 1: What is the colour of the sky?

Answer : The sky is blue in colour.

Question 2: What do the clouds bring?

Answer : The clouds bring rain.

Question 3: What is the colour of the clouds that bring us rain?

Answer : Dark grey colour clouds bring us rain.

Question 4: Do you like to sing and dance in the rain?

Answer : Yes, I like to sing and dance in the rain.

Question 5: What keeps you dry in the rain?

Answer : Either an umbrella or a raincoat keeps me dry in the rain.

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