Flying Man – English – Chapter 19

Flying Man - English Chapter 19

Flying Man – English – Chapter 19

“Flying-man, Flying-man,

Up in the sky,

Where are you going to,

Flying so high?”

“Over the mountains,

And over the sea!”

“Flying-man, Flying-man,

Can’t you take me?”

Let’s know the Summary of this poem

This is a poem about a flying-man. This man can fly in the sky. One child asks him where he is going and asked Flying-man to take him over the mountain and the sea.

Let’s know New word and their meanings from this story

Flying-man— a man who can fly

high – very up

Sea -huge water body

Now let’s  know Basic Words

Flying: To move through air with wings

Example sentences:

1) The bird was flying high in the sky.

2) I was flying in my dreams.

High: Greater than usual in amount, number or degree

Example sentences:

1) They were travelling at a high speed.

2) The apple tree was 15 feet high.

Man: An adult male human being

 Example sentences:

1) A man came at my house.

2) I saw a tall man with big black eyes.

Mountains: A rocky earth surface that is higher than a hill

Example sentences:

1) I can see mountains from my classroom.

2) She lives in the mountains.

Sea: A large body of salt water

Example sentences:

1) The sea is blue in colour.

2) We cannot drink the sea water.

Take: To carry, move or lead

Example sentences:

1) Please take your book from the table.

2) Take this bottle to your father.

Question 1: Where does the Flying-man go?

Answer : The flying man goes over the mountains and over the sea.

Question 2: What does the child want to do?

Answer : The child wants to fly away with the flying-man.

Question 3: Can you guess who the Flying-man is?

Choose your answer.

• The Flying-man is Superman.

• The Flying-man is a pilot.

• The Flying-man is an astronaut.

• The Flying-man is Batman.

Answer : According to me, the Flying-man is Superman. He always helps people in need. He is very powerful and can fly at a high speed. He always wears a Superman suit.

Question 4:

mug vase wave note
move vale wall nip
mum view wax knee
mother van wind knit
mud vote why knot

• Which word in the box sounds like ‘high’?

  • The word ‘why’ sounds like ‘high’.

• Which word rhymes with ‘me’?

  • The word ‘knee’ rhymes with ‘me’.

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