How Much Can You Carry | Class 2 – Chapter 3

How Much Can You Carry | Class 2 - Chapter 3

How Much Can You Carry | Class 2 – Chapter 3

Free NCERT Solutions for Class 2 Math Chapter 3 – How Much Can You Carry. NCERT Books chapter-wise Solutions Videos. We provide you the most detailed NCERT Solutions For Maths How Much Can You Carry.

The Clever Donkey and His Heavy Sack Sandesh has a donkey. It Carries sacks full of salt on its Back. On the way to the market they have to cross a river. One day, while crossing the river, the donkey slipped and fell into the River. When it got up, the sacks felt very light? Beacause the sacks of salt dissolved in river. so the donkey felt Lighter. The Donkey was very happy. This also gave it an idea. Next day, while crossing the river, the cleaver donkey decided to take dip. This time sandesh understood the donkey’s trick. Ha!! Let me teach it a lesson. Next day sandesh put sacks of woolen cloth in place of salt. Now, What would happen to the donkey when it dipped into the river? Why? The sacks of woolen cloth became heavy on absorbing water, so the donkey felt heavier.

Raju Wants to Ride a See-saw Raju needs a friend to ride a see-saw. Rani comes to help Raju. But still Raju cannot ride it. Can you tell why? Circle the correct answer. Raju is heavier/lighter than Rani. Aslam comes to help them. Look at the picture. Can you tell why? Circle the correct answer. Raju is heavier/lighter than Rani. Can you tell why the see-saw turned this way? Raju is heavier/lighter than Rani and Aslam together. I have an idea! We are all Enjoying the Ride. Heavier or Lighter Which of the two things will make the see-saw go down? Look at the example Draw a line to match the heavier one. Pumpkin Pot Jug Bucket Chhotu Monkey and the Carrots Chikky and Micky rabbits saw a bag. It had carrots in it. Chikky and Micky started fighting. I will take bigger carrots No! I am bigger. So, I will take bigger carrotsNo! I am bigger. So, I will take bigger carrots Chhotu monkey came to help them. We want to share the carrots equally between us. But some carrots are big and some small. What do we do? Chhotu monkey brought something to help them. Guess and tell what Chhotu monkey used to help Chikky and Micky. Draw a picture of it in the monkey’s hand. Your parents buy carrots for the family. How much do they buy at one time? How does the vegetable seller weigh the carrots? Find Out How Much Can Simran Carry? Simran’s father needs to move some things from the store of their house to the kitchen. Simran wants to help her father. Match the picture of the animal with the thing it can carry.

Bird – Leaf

Elephant – Wooden Logs

Donkey – Suger

Dog – Ball

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