Learn Minutes/Hour Reading On Clock

Learn Minutes/Hour Reading On Clock

Learn Minutes/Hour Reading On Clock

Introduction to Reading and Representing Time

Being punctual for work, meetings, making deadlines, going to the movies, all these activities require us to have an innate understanding of time. These are the good habits that make us valuable employees and decent people overall. All of these attributes are built on being able to tell time and organize ourselves accordingly. That is what makes this topic so important. Time is not only mathematically important, but also a crucial life skill.

The Big Idea: What is time?

Time is a concept that is at once measurable and also infinite. That seems like a very vague statement doesn’t it? Well it’s also true. It all depends on where you set the starting point for your measurement. The universe is billions of years old, yet we don’t measure time in terms of the age of the universe, rather we measure time in more meaningful units. 
Before setting off into the world of reading a clock face, it is very important that children understand to differentiate certain activities based on the time of day. This helps them internalize the flow of time

AM and PM

From 12’o clock at midnight to 11.59 in the morning, the time is referred to as AM, which can be called late night and morning. From 12 noon to 11.59 in the night, the time is referred to as PM, which can be called afternoon, evening and night. AM stands for Ante Meridiem (before noon), and PM stands for Post Meridiem (afternoon).

12 Hour vs 24 Hour clock

There are two ways in which we express time. The first is the 12-hour format, in which we need to take the help of AM and PM to describe a particular time correctly. So, if it is 20 minutes past 9’oclock in the morning, we say it is 9.20 AM. But at the same time in the evening would be described as 9.20 PM.

In a 24-hour format, on the other hand, the time is described as a part of a 24-hour period. So, 9.20 AM would be written as 0920 hours, whereas 9.20 PM would be described as 2120 hours. How we get the 21 here is 12 + 9, since, from midnight, we first cover 12 hours till 12 noon, and then 9 hours twenty minutes after 12 noon.

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