Learn Words Of Matra Aha (अः)

Learn Words Of Matra Aha (अः)

Learn Words Of Matra Aha (अः)

Hindi matras are also known as vowel signs. Every Hindi vowel has its own different signs. Every consonant letter by itself automatically includes a short “a” vowel sound unless otherwise specified. This short “a” sound is like the “a” in English “about” or “career.” In linguistics, this sound has a special name: “schwa .” Thus the letter क is pronounced like the first syllable of the word “career” (consonant and vowel together).

A consonant’s “schwa” can be changed to any other vowel by using a “ matra ” sign. A matra sign is attached to the consonant letter. The matras are also called the dependant forms of the vowels.

In addition to the matras, every vowel letter also has an independent form. Thus each vowel letter has two forms:

Dependent Form – The dependent form (matra) is used to indicate that a vowel (other than schwa) is attached to a consonant.

Independent Form – The independent form is used when the vowel occurs alone, at the beginning of a word, or after another vowel. In other words, the independent form is used whenever there is no consonant for the vowel to attach to.  This movie describes the independent forms of the vowels:

The chart below gives the independent and dependent forms of each vowel. the dependent vowel matras are shown attached to the letter “sa” = स.

VowelEnglish EquivalentIndependent formDependent Form (matra)Dependent form with consonantPronunciation of consonant+matra
aas in about sa
aas in fatherसाsaa
ias in sinिसिsi
ias in seenसीsee
uas in book
uas in food
eas in
aias in sad
oas in sodaसोso
auas in sawसौsaw

Hindi has several consonant sounds that are not found in English. For example, almost every consonant has an aspirated version as well as an unaspirated version. Aspirated consonants are pronounced like normal consonants with the addition of a simultaneous puff of breath.

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