Learning Punjabi Dulenkarh Words

Learning Punjabi Dulenkarh Words

Learning Punjabi Dulenkarh Words

Dulankar, represented phonetically by double oo, is one of 10 vowels of the Gurmukhi script in which Gurbani of Sikh scripture is written. Dulankar is written beneath the consonant it follows by drawing two short vertical dashes one under the other. The dashes may be straight, or slightly curved up on both ends. (like the bottoms of a very abbreviated u, stacked one on top of the other).

Vowel Pronunciation: Dulankar has a long vowel sound with a double beat symbolized by oo, and for simplicity sake of spelling sometimes u. Dulankar is however, always pronounced with the sound of oo as in boot, loot, and root, also ou as in you, or ui as in suit. Dulankar is written beneath, but pronounced after the consonant. The Romanized transliteration Dulankar is the most phonetically simple spelling. Transliteration spellings may differ slightly in original Gurmukhi texts, as well as Romanized and English translations of Gurbani or Punjabi.

Dulankar may also be also phonetically spelled Dulainkar, or Dulenkar. The most phonetically correct long form transliterated spelling of Dulankar is Doolainkarh. The D of Dulainkarh represents Gurmukhi consonant and is pronounced with tongue behind upper teethThe first syllable has the long vowel sound of oo. The second syllable is a short vowel represented by ai of Dulavan pronounced to sound like the a of can. The third syllable Gurmukhi consonant is pronounced holding back air, the vowel has the short a sound of Mukta, followed by the aspirated . Dulankar is written below and pronounced after its vowel holder Oorraa. Dulankar also uses the vowel holder Oorraa within words that feature vowel combinations.

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