Maths Class 2 | Chapter 4 – Counting in Tens

Maths Class 2 | Chapter 4 – Counting in Tens

Maths Class 2 | Chapter 4 – Counting in Tens

Maths Class 2 Free NCERT Solutions for Class 2 Math Chapter 4 – Counting In Tens. NCERT Books chapter-wise Solutions (Text & Videos) are accurate, easy-to-understand

Counting in Tens ( Chickens and the Clever Fox ) Tikloo farmer has many chickens in her farm. One day a clever fox saw these naughty chickens playing around. From that day, She started stealing chickens every day. Tikloo came to know about it She asked the fox. Hey, do you eat my chickens? Fox : No dear, I am your friend, how can i eat your chickens? Tikloo thought of counting her chickens every morning and evening. But the chickens kept moving around here and there. she said — I will put chickens in one basket and count them. And if i find any of them missing … I will give the fox a tight slap. In the morning, she counted her chickens. How many baskets of 10 chickens are there? ________ Answer : 5 Baskets

How many chickens are there in all? 50 + 4 = ________ Answer : 54 In the evening, she counted the chickens again. There are _______ baskets of 10 chickens. Answer : 4 There are _____ + 3 = _____ chickens in all. Answer : 40 + 3 = 43 54 – ____ = _____ chickens have been eaten by the fox. Answer : 54 – 43 = 11 How Many are These? Bhanu collects sticks from the jungle. He sells them in the market. He uses10 sticks to make 1 bundle. 3 bundles have ________ sticks. Answer : 30 sticks Now, how many sticks in all are these? ______________sticks in all. Answer : 39 Sticks 4 bundles would have _______________ sticks. Answer : 4 Sticks. There is a wedding in Malti’s house. She is making flower garlands. She uses 10 flowers to make 1 garland. there are 50 flowers in all. How many flowers are these? ________ flowers in all. Answer : 67 Flowers How many garlands of 10 flowers each can you make using 21 flowers? Draw them in the space below. Answer : Using 21 flowers, 2 garlands of 10 flowers each can be made 1 flower will be left. Leela, can you see all these pencils? How many are these? If you make a good guess, all these will be yours! Let us help Leela. How many packets of 10 pencils are there?_______ Answer : 6 packets of pensils are there. How many pencils are outside the packets? _______ Answer : 4 Pensils are outside the packets. So, altogether there are _______ pencils. Answer : 64 Pencils. Kanak likes collecting different kinds of . bindis How many packets does she have? _____________ Answer : She has 7 packets of Bindis. So how many in all? _____________ Answer : 70 Bindis ate there in all.

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