Patterns | Maths Class 2 Chapter 5

Patterns | Maths Class 2 Chapter 5

Maths Class 2 | Chapter 5 – Patterns

Free NCERT Solutions for Class 2 Math Chapter 5 – Patterns. NCERT Books chapter-wise Solutions (Text & Videos) are accurate, easy-to-understand.

Binni and Ginni were going home. On the way, they saw some people making the pavement. The tiles used were of different colours and designs. This is what they saw. On reaching home they saw their mother’s sari hanging on a rope. It also a nice design with different colours. In the evening, they were playing in a park. They saw iron grills on the boundary wall. Looking at the grillls, Binni said — these same grills make a different pattern in our windows at home. We see many such patterns around us – on tiles, clothes, durries. Bholu has eaten a part of the shawl of binni’s mother. Look at the picture and help Binni in mathcing whcih Piece is of the same pattern. Answer: The forth one piece is the same pattern. Madhav wants to make a pattern on a gate using a pattern. Can you guess which of these cannot be formed with this? Leafy Patterns Using one leaf, we can make different patterns. See these five leafy patterns. Now you also make some patterns with arrows in your notebook. Number Patterns Let us look at some patterns with numbers. Fill the number in the blank space of each pattern. Titu frog jumps over two numbers and reaches the third number. Where will Titu go next? Make a ring on the other numbers. Titu jumps and gets on every 10th stone. Write the numbers on the stones.

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