The Tiger and the Mosquito – English – Chapter 16

The Tiger and the Mosquito – English – Chapter 16

The Tiger and the Mosquito – English – Chapter 16

A tiger was dozing under a tree. A mosquito came buzzing by.

The tiger said, “Hey! Mosquito!

Go away!”

The mosquito said,

“Why should I go away? I am not afraid of you!”

The tiger was angry.

He hit out with his paw.

The mosquito flew off. The paw struck his own cheek.

The blow scraped his cheek. It began to bleed.

The mosquito buzzed away.

The tiger struck with his other paw. The mosquito flew off. This time, too,

he hit himself.

The tiger was helpless. The mosquito continued to buzz.

The tiger got up and quietly walked away.

The mosquito called out after him, “Don’t be so proud, my friend. Everyone is great in his own way!”

Let’s know the Summary of this story

This is a story of a tiger and a mosquito. Once the tiger was relaxing. A mosquito came buzzing near to him. The tiger became frustrated and said mosquito to go away. But mosquito kept buzzing around him and disturbed the tiger. Tiger attacked the mosquito with his paw. But paw strucked its own cheek. The same thing happened again. The tiger was helplessly walked away. Mosquito gave a lesson to the tiger that never to be proud because everyone has its own qualities.

Let’s know basic word and their meanings from this story

Dozing – sleeping lightly for short time

Mosquito – an insect

Buzzing – sound of flying insect

Angry – irritated

Paw – a padded foot of an animal with long curved nails

Flew  — moved through the air

Blow – an attack

Scraped – removed skin with nails

Struck  —  hit

Helpless  — a stage where one can do nothing

Quietly – Without making any noise

Proud – feeling of pride

Great -having good qualities

Now let’s  know New Words

Angry: Having a strong feeling of being upset or annoyed

Example sentences:

1) I was angry because the food was not ready.

2) My brother gets angry very easily.

Bleed: To lose blood from the body

Example sentences:

1) You should visit a doctor, if your nose starts to bleed.

 2) She was going to bleed a lot.

Great: Very good

 Example sentences:

1) Mother Teresa was a great lady.

2) We had a great time at the party.

Hit: To give a blow

Example sentences:

1) He hit the table with his bag.

2) The little angels hit each other with flowers.

Proud: Having a high opinion of one’s self

 Example sentences:

 1) He is very proud of being the captain of his class.

2) The proud woman refused to eat on a paper plate.

Question 1: What was the tiger doing when the mosquito came buzzing by?

Answer : The tiger was dozing under a tree when the mosquito came buzzing by.

Question 2: Why did the tiger’s cheek start to bleed?

Answer : The tiger hit his cheek with his own paw because of which it started bleeding.

Question 3: Why did the tiger walk away?

Answer : The tiger walked away because he was helpless.

Question 4: What do we learn from this story?

Answer : The moral of the story is that we should not be proud of ourselves, as everyone has his/her own strengths and weaknesses.

Question 5: Describe the lion and the tiger. How are they different from each other?

Answer : Lions and tigers are wild animals. Both of them belong to the cat family but are different in some ways. A tiger has bold black stripes on its body, while a lion has golden brown fur.

Question 6:  Fill in the blanks from the chapter.

1. A            was dozing under a tree.

 A tiger was dozing under a tree.

2. A          came buzzing by.

 A mosquito  came buzzing by.

3. The tiger hit out with his          .

The tiger hit out with his  paw .

4. The mosquito buzzed             .

The mosquito buzzed away .

5. Everyone is             in his own way!

Everyone is great in his own way!

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